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Christmas treasures to wear or reheat

I bought this daffy doughnut maker. I love doughnuts, homemade or Dunkin, not Krispy Kreme or Anchorage’s Golden Donut (which I  call Hepatitis Doughnut because of their sickening color.) The doughnut maker I bought doesn’t use grease so it’s supposed to be healthier but basically they’re cake donuts which are free of the delicious crisp crust. I would equate them with going to Kentucky Fried and getting skinless chicken breasts.  They also look suspiciously like bagels with  a sheen which might be because they are actually steaming themselves or it could just be plastic from the dough repository. The doughnut maker is the same as the muffin top, cake pop or Belgian waffle maker which were displayed next to it at the store.  Amazingly, it  just requires that you make homemade cake dough with buttermilk then pour it in the little molds. This dough would probably taste better baked in the oven as a cake and covered with frosting, especially if you use your own recipe. DO NOT use the doughnut machine recipe!

I have been baking for a few years and I have never seen a recipe like theirs. They had recipes for plain, chocolate, applesauce and something else I don’t even want to remember like banana or lime. They were suspiciously inconsistent in proportions. One called for 2 cups of flour another for 4 cups. The 4 Cup recipe was like tough pizza dough. I could have dipped them in tomato sauce. Did I mention that it also called for 2 and 1/2 eggs? Not 3 yolks and one white or 3 whites and 2 yolk.  It made me think that perhaps there’s either a lower standard of editing at the doughnut cookbook place than say, my blog, or they’re having fun with me for buying a stupid machine which is only worthwhile for children’s birthday parties when I have no children. Worse than that, I even tried to create 2 and 1/2 eggs and the extra half wound up on the floor because I forgot it was on a plate and I picked it up sideways so it sloshed everywhere.

Because I am a fixer I added more applesauce and buttermilk to the dough then I doused the cooked ones in cinnamon sugar. I gave these to friends to taste and they had no complaints. The chocolate ones tasted like little cakes and were good for dunkin’ and the applesauce ones were  less bagel like when the proportions of liquid to flour were rearranged. Maybe closer to a blueberry bagel than to hard tack.

On the other end of the spectrum are my wonderful new fingerless gloves from my friend Rose Anne. She got them for me at  Comic Con but they are also available at

Not my body but I do have the gloves, and the same grey jeans

Casey Storm appears to be a sci-fi  fan-girl knitter. She also has a wry sense of humor in that besides these excellent Wonder Woman gloves, (which I have been wearing with red fleece ones underneath), she has stigmata gloves, police box gloves and ones that read BAD WOLF.

I have now taken the really hard doughnuts and made doughnut pudding out of them. It ‘s pretty good, especially with whipped cream. But is there anything that isn’t better with whipped cream?


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  1. super cool gloves, she has cool hat things to


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