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Lunch break poetry

Sometimes a soup and sandwich is not enough. One needs real sustenance such as a poem for dessert. This helped me focus a bit more at work, even if they are short non-masterpieces.

Nix, Neva

Nada, Nooo,

Names for children

I did not have.

Borrow them for yours,

To ward off a life of disappointment.

I reflect on a tiny, shiny screen,

Old School.

Fixed in a Star Trek original series universe,

My life goes where many have gone before,

But few stay.

The hi-def world too harsh for my prime directive,

To explore meaning.

I remain red-shirted  by nostalgia.

Some call it history.


About polarflares

My head is so big because it has so many holes and air gets in.

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  1. love!
    i wonder if you’ll get criticism for having a poem for dessert! damn, i certainly would get torn apart at my blog!
    i will be watching, and i’ll come to your defense if that happens! i promise! 😉 x

    • The only really nasty comment I have gotten so far is for my Sarah Palin’s ride of Paul Revere post. I rejected the comment as it wasn’t written very well, just a string of swear words directed at me. I am from a family with some alcohol seeping through it so the alternative of dessert is generally tolerated.


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