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Some of what I got for Christmas and I still turned out okay, I guess

Footsie, Yah! Everybodies havin' fun. Footsie, Yah! I'm gonna get me one!

I remember the jingle, I remember the joy of constant motion like hula hooping with one ankle while jumping over the  red bell which must have been left over from some ornaments that didn’t sell.  This item was one of my all time favorite toys and yet no-one realized I had an anxiety disorder and couldn’t stop moving, ever. Can you imagine kids today playing with this? It takes too much energy and requires too little electricity.

For the future non-home owner!

I may actually have asked for these but they might have been given to me to encourage my creativity. I remember using them quite a bit. I love connecting things, words, people. These were a way to work out my mad free associations. They were very hippy like, in a plastic sort of way. Construct-o straws did not make me want to be an architect or a homeowner. They made me think about nothing for a long time and I guess that was good for me.

I don't need LSD mom, I've got spirograph!

Another toy I spent way too much time with. Maybe I wasn’t allowed to color outside the lines enough. I still think it’s kind of neat and may want to find one and try it out again. The haircut and the excessive height of the girl in blue makes me think they stole my identity or maybe this was just marketed to geeky girls.  Spirograph  sounds like the trail left by  a gram negative bacteria which could cause syphilis, but it’s so pretty.


I’m sure I’ll think of more presents, decorations and stories. December 1st is coming! Time to decorate the house. But first some peppermint ice cream with chocolate sauce. Maybe some spirochetes sprinkled on top!





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  1. i remember the spirograph!!! x

    • I’m going to have to do a whole ‘nother post on spirograph. After I started writing I remember the frustration of the pins and the gears that would break off. I got on the hasbro site and they allow you to buy replacement parts so I guess kids are still breaking them.

  2. I love the Footsie!!!!
    My kids had the 90’s versions of all of these toys!
    Footsie was Skip It! (I think it lit up)
    Construct-O-Straws were K’Nex!
    Spirograph is still spirograph but Rachael’s had sparkle pens to use with it!
    Let’s see, Brad had K’Nex became and engineer. Rachael had the spirograph and wrote a story about her skip it in 2nd grade. She’s now a writer.
    Yes, they had plenty of electronic toys, but I like to think these more traditional toys were more of what shaped their interests. Well actually I would like to think Chris and I influenced them most!
    Can’t wait to see what other toys you had. How about LiteBrite?!
    Love ya!

    • I heard they changed the names of all these things. Pretty silly. What if we called milk a different name every generation or broccoli? Oh there are so many presents I didn’t get like creepy crawlers and lite brite. My mother was not too keen on batteries and electrical gifts but that might be a good post – gifts other people got that i wanted!

  3. How about Bizzy Buzz Buzz, Lite Brite, and Slinky? 🙂


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