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Ghosts of Christmas Past

She looks like a really cold rockette

The countdown begins! Think of me as your wacky internet advent calendar.  I’m starting early because I’m an anxious elf and can’t  wait for anything, (I’m jumping up and down right now correcting typos).  This year I’m reliving the good parts of Christmas past. Maybe if I run out of good stuff will look at the most rotten crap from the holidays.

Behind door number one is Suzy Snowflake.  This video is mesmerizing in it’ late 50’s/ early 1960’s black and white thinking, I mean animation . My mother sang this song around the house and it made me think of the frost that grew inside the window in my bedroom. During a cold spell it pretty much covered the whole window. Now that I live in Alaska we would call that a pretty sorry excuse for a window or indoor heating.  We had beautiful radiators painted like brass with raised curlicues all over them. You don’t see any radiators here in Alaska. Nope, we blow hot air everywhere to dry out our eyes and vocal chords. No crying, no singing only shooting and shopping, (okay some skiing and skating.)

Remember when snow made you smile? It still cheers me up. Today I was in a foul mood trudging along outside, after work, trying to get out of my sorry self. I looked down and noticed I could see the prints of everyone who was there before me. The asphalt makes us all anonymous but the snow reminds me I’m not alone. I think someone had actually been jogging in those crazy toe things. I never liked the toe socks so I really can’t understand why someone would run in little toe shoelets in the freezing cold. Pretty soon they’ll have no toes to put in them and they can wear regular shoes like everyone else.  Anyway a runner came up behind me dressed in a Mike Meyers Sprockets spandex get up with a little flashy light. He said excuse me but I jumped the wrong way and almost hit him in his private parts. Just another reminder that I’m not alone. Now I’m talking to you. Except you really aren’t there. So I guess I’m just fooling myself but that ‘s alright for now. You can pass Suzy Snowflake on to your kids if you want but there are no explosions so they might be bored.

Here’s the link. Enjoy!

Suzy Snowflake video

ps I especially like the key change!


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  1. Now I’m talking to you. Except you really aren’t there YES, I really am here!


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