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cupcake monster

Whoa,  depressed!  I guess I could go to sleep. But why not just write and let everyone in on the fun. You may know I take an antidepressant and anxiety medication. I got a health screening back the other day which did make me laugh. It said I was severely depressed and should seek professional help. Slow down  genius! So the medications don’t do much but  keep me off the ledge and out looking for answers? I suppose I could get a counselor again. I’m right up with The Doctor in that I believe this will be the 11th incarnation of that particular role in my life.   I could try something different, like there is anything I haven’t tried.

Meanwhile a little depression is always a good start for poetry. Note that I don’t have any love poems but then neither did anyone else in my class. They were mostly anti-love poems. Mine always seem to bounce between a sense of place/home and apocalypse. Here is one, it is a fairly strict form and perhaps not long enough to convey the feeling of missing/longing/not knowing where to be. I guess it didn’t turn out as funny as I wanted it to be. But at least I had a cupcake in it. Also I must add I discovered huckleberry “Spokandy”. Some of you may be getting these for the holidays!

Almost – A Triolet

I chanced a stay in fair Seattle.

The greens were thick and varied.

The roads were clearly made for cattle.

I chanced a stay. In fair Seattle,

Cupcakes, chocolates, I had to battle.

To Anchorage I fled less harried,

I chanced to stay. In fair Seattle

The greens were thick and varied,

As they are, all places I am not.



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