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My overly revealing hate list

People I hate. Don’t take this too personally. You are probably on the list but then so is everyone else. That probably means that, in reality, I hate myself  and the rest of you are doing just fine.

I hate

1. Published writers, people who can sell their art, working actors

2. Beautiful young people, people in love, people who have their act together

3. People who are calmer than me, smarter than me, more talented than me.

4. People with better grammar

5. People with a firm belief in a system of some kind

6. People with pamphlets of any sort

7. People who invest

8. People who excel at board games

9. People who eat a little too healthily

10. People who make arty refrigerator magnets.


This is a partial list of course. Don’t feel bad if I left you out.




About polarflares

My head is so big because it has so many holes and air gets in.

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  1. chandlerswainreviews

    It’s always better to tell people you hate them than you like them, otherwise they want to borrow money or a ride to the airport. I also hate people who slurp soup, but I think at least eight of your categories probably cover that.

  2. You’ll probably hate me because I make arty refrigerator magnets, but you may also like me because the magnets contain messages promoting my hatred of your other nine hates.

    • There is something to using an iconic item such as a refrigerator magnet or some dried flowers and subverting their meaning. What about a magnet which reads, “I’m only stuck to your damn refrigerator because it’s so filthy and sticky. Clean up!


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