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More thoughts on the way to work

1. I bet Fred Flintstone would be jealous of my car

2. My car is old enough to drink.

3. Am I racist because I hate black ice?

4. Whoa, Alaskan traffic jam, 8 cars stuck on Arctic between Northern Lights and Benson. Let’s get out and Occupy the McDonald’s Drive thru!

5. I can’t wait to post about that study where they said none of the people who live to be real old were vegetarians or exercised a lot.

6. I’m going to die early like my parents.

7. I’m eating all the Reese’s pumpkins when I get home.

8. I’m obsessed with death.

9. I’m zooming, I’m zooming, just like the Jetsons.

10. Hey there’s a woman with pink bunny ears smoking a cigarette.

11. I’m a woman dressed like the Queen of Hearts driving a really old Suburu.

12. Is it proper to conduct a psychiatric intake dressed like a clown?


About polarflares

My head is so big because it has so many holes and air gets in.

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