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Poetry class clown

Voted Senior class clown again!

That’s me! We were talking about the images of “dirty sheep” in this poem about a wedding night. I couldn’t help it. I brought up the notion of earthy sexual longings, you get the picture. Needless to say the poets were appalled but they perked right up and soon sheep references were flying in many other pieces. When noted that a poet had dedicated his work to his wife, I quipped, “not his sheep?”

I know I get this way when I’m a bit anxious and out of place. We were asked about why we were taking the class. I told them I liked limericks for God’s sake. I guess I want people to like me by making them hate me first!  Anyway, our first assignment was to write about a technique we were unfamiliar with and also to write a poem using one of the techniques listed. I will spare you my essay on Sprung Verse but here is my piece using Alliterative verse (old English) as a tool. You can see how I worked sex in here as well.  No title yet.

The aged arch aches, antagonized by Appian Ways.

Meant to mitigate the pain of men, the path magnifies the sorrow

Where wet whorls of green, once welcomed flesh and spur-less bone

Now hard efficiency encourages enterprise, economic transport of energy, ammunition, not the elderly

Nor the youthful yearning for a soft surface, for sexual yesterdays and slow meandering tomorrows.

The arch falls, and with it, the reason for an empire.


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