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Thoughts on driving to work

My hands and feet are driving but my brain is on idle!

1. I wonder if that driver had sex this morning?

2. I wonder how many times total sex was engaged in inside that motor vehicle?

3. Remember when taking a left hand turn was fun?

4. I bet I’ll feel lucky I’m late if  this is the morning someone  goes postal at work.

5. I could always stop and buy some delicious pastries for everyone, then they won’t think I just got up late.

6. I wonder how much time it would take me to get to work 100 years ago?

7. I wonder if my job existed 100 years ago?

8. I wonder if my job will exist 100 years from now?

9. At least there’s no BLACK ICE today!

10. I really appreciate my life after I make it through BLACK ICE.

11. Didn’t I vote for Jerry Brown once?

12. Those metal testicles sure are shiny.

13. How do you say “I like your shiny metal testicles” in French?

14. Waterworld wasn’t that bad a movie.

15. I have candy at home.

16. Blink was the best Doctor Who episode ever.

17. I don’t care if I make it through that green light. I’m just on my way to work.

18. When that car revved it’s engine it sounded like the tardis.

19. Am I obsessed with Doctor Who?

20. I know there was a Boxer Rebellion. I hope there isn’t a pit bull rebellion.

21. I hope there are other things like Doctor Who that I can discover before I die.


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My head is so big because it has so many holes and air gets in.

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  1. You are amazing. After a day where nothing made sense, and my body felt like it was floating on air(hurray for full blown panic attacks at work), this was just what I needed to make it through the rest of my day.

    • thank you! I like to cheer myself up and if it works for you too, excellent. I am very lucky to work in Mental Health consumer run services. That means if you don’t have panic attacks you can’t even get hired! 🙂 joan

  2. For the record, while good, “Blink” is not the best episode of Doctor Who. From the old series, Logopolis Part 1 is the best. From the new series, it is The Waters of Mars.


    • now you’ve got me. I have just started watching all the different Doctors. I am not sure which one is in Logopolis part 1. The Waters of Mars? Is that the one where the water got contaminated and lots of people died, the captain killed herself and some gooey couple lived happily ever after? I wasn’t scared by that one. The funniest one I thought was the one with the giant wasp!

      • Midnight (from the new series) was good too.

        But I just love the insanity of Logopolis. Tardises recursively in Tardises, a ghostly future Doctor, a planet held together by Mathematics, the Master murdering a quarter of the universe. Awesome stuff. 🙂

      • I love the master. He is so tortured yet merry. I just love the intensity of the characters. That’s why I like the weeping angels. They are a little intense. Like me. Although sometimes I just want to walk around yelling “EXTERMINATE!” My sister got me the tardis tee shirt that says “Roomier on the inside” because she thought EXTERMINATE might get me fired. 🙂 Joan

      • My favourite Master quote from Logopolis: “Peoples of the Universe, please attend carefully. The message that follows is vital to the future of you all. The choice for you all is simple; a continued existence under my guidance or total annihilation.”

        Nothing over the top about that whatsoever. Love it. 🙂

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