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Re: Re: Beach Glass

Sea Candy

Toss the bauble in your mouth.

Suck the salt out.

Roll it around that watery cave,

Against the ivory boulders.

Spit it out like the whale did to Jonah,

Like your mother did to you,

Into the pile of beached tidbits,

The organic and not so,

in flagrante delicto

On Nature’s shelf.



I went to a writing class the other day where we read Lia Pupura’s Memo Re; Beach Glass which can be found at

It’s an interesting piece which threw me off with all the detail and form.  The form and the content seem from the time and pen of Darwin.  The class was focused on sparking creativity and I was glad I went.  I wrote the poem in response to the content and am writing a grant proposal about sleep in response to the form. More later.


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  1. Perhaps you referred to this link?

    It’s a delightful piece, and I’ve taken the liberty of sharing it.

  2. I hear you. It took some slogging at first, for me.


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