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I’ve got a brand new blog about failure and you’re invited!

After I wrote my last post on a God awful audition I thought, why not have a blog where any actor could submit an audition horror story? So I made up a blog called and  put a contact email of for people to submit stories. I posted ads on craigslist in NYC, Boston, Los Angeles, Seattle, Minneapolis and Vancouver for stories. I may just get young men from Nigeria who have large checks for me to cash and men with giant penises but that’s a start.

I can keep it going for awhile since I have had all sorts of audition failures. I may have to branch out into bad dates or go to auditions that I’m not fit for a bit more frequently such as ballet or belly dancing. It’s all just material for the blogmill. Maybe I’ll add some of those outtakes from you tube to spice it up. Meanwhile I beg of you to submit a story or tell your friends. Think of it as failure therapy. When you get stamped on, you become like a fine wine. Don’t take your theatrical failure into the closet and become a prune. Flaunt it baby. Dress it up as the best story of your career. What do you have to lose? Your stellar reputation?

This is how I’m spending my labor day weekend so far. I’ve got a broken toe. Broke it at work right before we got the warning email about reporting workplace injuries within 72 hours or facing a $500. fine.  I don’t think this one counts as I ate potato chips, which I hate but I wanted to be social. Then my foot swelled up because of the salt. I took off my running shoes then I tripped over the computer monitor no one ever set up for me and fell on my therapy couch. This is more like a stunt than an injury and there’s nothing to be done about a broken toe anyway. I’m treating it with chocolate covered pomegranate. Check out the link to the new blog!


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