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oh no! Another fantasy man to fixate on.

I am arrogant and unavailable, is that enough to get your attention?

I am sooo single! I thought that I had eliminated arrogant geniuses from my life. Then I looked at my television/dvd viewing habits and there stood my dark side. William Shatner(Kirk), Hugh Laurie(House), David Tennant(The Doctor), when characters go by one name you know they are full of themselves.

I don’t have cable so I recently discovered Dr. Who. I find myself talking like him, calling “Allons y” to people at work. I think to myself, “I am the last of the time lords and I’m here to save planet earth.” I guess that’s one way to get through the day. I’m going to call this the year of The Doctor and try to look at everything in a Time Lord manner and see if that makes life more wonderful. After all, everything is temporary. Every companion who enters the Tardis is apt to get hurt so beware taking up with me.

I’ve noticed that The Doctors get younger and younger each series while I get older. That’s so reverse Dorian Gray I can hardly stop from pulling my teeth out. I bet it probably has something to do with ratings in a youth obsessed culture but I can’t complain about David Tennant, ( I haven’t gotten to watch the current series as I am going through the library dvds at this point.) He’s doing Shakespeare in Great Britain at this very minute. I’m not a big fan of William the bard but I would stand in line to see Mr. Tennant live as he appears to be a live enough wire to light up any play.

I guess if I were to pinpoint the most alluring and dysfunctional appeal of Doctor Who, it would be his hubris, a quality I treasure in myself. He tries to fool time, trick death and save those he loves. He winds up saving the ones who are worthless to him and maims or kills those to whom he is most attached. My will and heart also try to control outcomes to no avail. Like Larry David I have an uncanny ability to make people I don’t care about like me and want to be part of my life. The people I love appear to live on another planet, or at least in different time zones.

I was wondering if anyone had ever built a house which looks like a Tardis? On an image search I found Tardis earrings, a Tardis cake then finally

which in turn led me to this fantastic image which could only have been created by a fanboy!

We are Sparta!

When I began this blog, ( not this post), I thought someone might be impressed by my depth of character and insight into the world. Can you tell I’ve given up on that?



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  1. I like the two photos at the bottom of this post, Joan. The settings are wonderful!! Welcome back to blogging!

  2. Get over Laurie by watcing Black Adder’s final series – he’s a young dolt, not arrogant but ignorant. Maybe you’ll still think he’s cute, but he’s no genius.
    As for your “depth of character and insight,” self-deprecation shows a lot of that. But I think you already now that, you tortured, unable-to-laugh fogey.
    Thanks for writing abou yourself, rather than who you think others would like you to be.
    That’s something to me.

    • I’ve seen some of Black Adder and some of Fry & Laurie. I like him best when he plays a British public health doctor on some old BBC series. You probably know he has depression, I think that’s why I like him. You can tell he really knows what irritation and unhappiness is as well as how much ridiculousness is necessary to overcome it. I’m in a hat phase now. Hard to be horribly unhappy when wearing a good hat!


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