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It’s a jungle out there

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I went for a hike at Kinkaid park today. It was a glorious jungle of cow parsnip and grass, through which a bear could bound at any time. I was not relaxed, but then I seldom am. I was able to relax at Parc des Buttes Chaumont in Paris because it’s an enchanted place where I’m sure that crime happens, but in a very pretty setting. Most parks are attempts at organized chaos.

Today I was all alone jangling my car keys. I could hear hikers on other trails who would probably call for help if I screamed.  I came around a bend and saw an adorable baby moose sitting in the green looking at me. Mom’s head came up but I only saw it when I turned around on my scamper back the way I came. Luckily she was too comfortable to get off her ass and stomp me to pieces. I saw that the tide was completely out, like Mont St. Michael out. Many people were on the beach so I cut through some pleasantly warm and sunny cow parsnip to the shore.

Buttes Chaumont does not have a beach. It has a lake, waterfalls and a grotto. It even has tai chi. The beach at Kinkaid has rocks and flies, but they are very beautiful rocks. Almost all of them are round or oval, worn by those enormous tides. So old, spending their days submerged then uncovered and stomped on. What if rocks are sentient? What if I’m reincarnated into a rock? I found a rounded piece of brick and drew symbols on some of the rocks. Maybe Werner Herzog would stumble upon one and break his nose.

I enjoyed the bird song and the breeze sitting on a little log. It was getting late, about 6 pm and people were leaving the beach. Since I found myself alone, I did some tai chi. In Buttes Chaumont they do tai chi in a very uneven parking lot. I really only do the qi gong because trying to mimic “The Form” makes me tense and I expect that means I’m doing it incorrectly. I noticed some people in Paris seemed to be very uptight in their tai chi. Like when I was obviously faking a move in the wrong direction they would glare. So not cool.

I found myself focusing on the sparkling water which wasn’t there a few minute ago. I was breathing calmly for a moment until I figured this was why everyone left the beach. Like if there was lightening in Buttes Charmont, everyone would leave. So I did some more scampering and darn it if that isn’t a fast tide. By the time I got back to the chalet the inlet was full. The Bay of Fundy’s got nothing on us. Well, maybe a few feet.It looks like I may have gotten one cow parsnip blister, which is cool because I have come out looking like an extra in Saw a few summers ago when it was actually hot out.

  I leave next week for the North Shore of Boston and some of my other favorite parks. There’s one called Coolidge Reservation near my brother’s house.  Part of it is woods and pond and then you get to “The Great Lawn”,  which could be called “this is possibly the world’s best lawn”  if you like lawns that lead up to rocks with seaweed and the ocean splashing all over them. There does not seem to be much seaweed in Anchorage, just that grey muck which sucks the life out of you if you get stuck in it doing tai chi.  The rocks are much bigger off The Great Lawn, you can sit on them and draw. I drew sketches at The Great Lawn and at Buttes Chaumont. I could only get symbols out at Kincaid park.  I regress to the primitive under chaos.

Many people spend their free time in Alaska’s wilderness. I enjoy the intersection of people and nature.  I wave at people in boats. The Knik Arm doesn’t seem very boat friendly. I had a great time biking the Cape Cod canal with my cousin Lisa last summer.  Perhaps, I’m just too safe for Alaska. Maybe I’m just safe enough for someone who’s a little wild inside.


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