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Dogs vs God

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I have never had a pet. My mother thought pets were for the bourgeoisie. I would like to love an animal but can’t reconcile myself to the idea that it has been bred into domesticity for my pleasure. I draw the line at buying a companion. I like my animals wild. Sometimes I even eat them.

That being said I wonder if the ownership of small dogs is inversely proportionate to belief in God.  Sure, many religious people have tiny dogs but even more people seem to worship them now.  The church of the Pug, The Yorkie Temple,The Cathedral of the tiny puffy thing. Life is hard. Jesus grew up and discovered that. All babies grow up but some species stay very little and childlike so we can look at our eternal soul. That’s why lots of self help books advise laughing with a baby or a puppy.

I have never been one to do things the easy way. I love these little dogs as much as anyone but I can’t bring myself to buy one.  I take my medication which  helps some. I try to believe in a God who is messy but in different ways than a dog is. I guess that living with people and with dogs is a way to be mindful about creation in general. But I don’t want a dog off a leash nor do I want to make a dog wear one. There’s the rub.

I wonder what it would be like to have this fellow waiting at home for me.

You stop any place on the way home and I will kill you!

Or how could I even leave for work with this one hanging around?

I am eternal love, do not forsake me!

Then there is the cosmic mystery inherent in this face.

I'm crazy, crazy for you, crazy for everything!

At least roommates and intimate partners challenge me in ways I can resist, sometimes.


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  1. I’d argue that they were bred initially as working class dogs. If we go way back we used dogs for hunting first. Only later on did we breed them for companionship. I forgot which comedian said it, but I think he summed it up perfectly. Owning a pet is depressing, it basically advertises the fact that you have failed to find friendship with your own species and have to settle for something else. I have fish. 😦

    • I have little faith in sports teams for the same reason. I have to join and pay a fee for people to play with me. I am glad you have fish. I have only fantasies.

  2. I agree with all your points. My biggest problem with owning animals is I am way to selfish. I don’t want to be weighed down with am animal that relies on me too heavily, or that I have to work to maintain. The guilt of how devoted the dog is to me and how ambivalent I am toward it, is a little too much.

    • Yes the guilt. I can’t be good enough for a dog because I am not its equal I am its master. I am a little god who will fail him. At least with children they can tell you when you fail. You might have to wait a few years but eventually it will come out!

  3. Debbie Chandler

    Some debate on the domestication process…

    • The domestication process is an interesting one. Is it like indoctrination into a culture? We are children, we learn our place. We grow and change places, some of us. A dog has a place in this world which we have made for him like the cow and horse and turkey who have some but never all of the pluck bred out of them. I have seen pictures of other animals having”pets” such as an orangutan who had a pet cat. Were they friends or was one the boss? You would have to ask them!


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