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Old sayings – updated

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A Stitch in time, shaves nine years off

Never a borrower or an adjustable rate mortgage lender be

A bird in hand is not worth avian flu virus

People who live in glass houses shouldn’t grow marijuana

A penny saved is pretty much a waste of time

A house divided, is a good prospect for a television series

A man’s house is more marketable if it isn’t actually a castle

A motion picture is worth more than a thousand words in hardcover, paperback or even on a kindle

Look before you leap into anything on the internet that comes from Nigeria

Beware of Greeks bearing debts

Blood is thicker than a caffeinated alcohol drink.

Birds of a feather, vote together  unless their party has screwed them over

You can’t get blood from a stone called Madoff

Different Strokes is for folks who liked the nice Gary Coleman, Avenue Q is for folks who prefer the down and out Gary


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My head is so big because it has so many holes and air gets in.

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  1. Very funny Joan. Birds flocking repulse republicans, so yes I feel burned.


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