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Master Thespian rates the Tonys

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What a night, what a night! Full of ACTING!  And who but an ACTOR, or perhaps some gay men or Jewish people as Mr. Neal Patrick Harris confirmed, could enjoy The Tonys as much as I, MASTER THESPIAN?

Maybe it was because NPH always seems to have something up his skinny sleeves. He managed to play Puck without stealing the show, or perhaps he did steal the show and just appeared to let all the others shine because he was ACTING! He made that lovely boy from Harry Potter and The Wolverine look like they were trying ever so hard. Mr. Harris has a fine comic edge, less droopy than Whoopi, less goofy than Letterman and more light on his feet than Hugh Jackman, who at least cut his fingernails for the event.

This is a banner year for Broadway so  the pieces presented were DIVINE!  Or perhaps they were terrible but seemed very good because everyone was ACTING?  Except for Frances McDormand, she did not appear to be ACTING. She appeared to be trying hard not to ACT, but at the same time ACTING somewhat silly.  I am silly myself to wonder why a woman in who is part of one of the largest crowds of narcissists congregated outside of Washington D.C., (and I suppose the Malibu coastline), would list all the parts she has ever played and crow about how she had just made a classic to be followed by “young women” for years. What’s wrong with middle aged women playing the part? She seems to have done just fine. She may have fooled me and was just ACTING like she was going to pull a Marlon Brando and throw the thing away except that she thought she was accepting it for all women kind. I do love her ACTING, even if I did not like her speechifying.

I am not a big fan of Spider Man, Shrek the Musical or Young Frankenstein. Is anyone? I guess there might be some ACTING involved in these endeavors, ACTING like you are doing theatre when you are actually doing a long product promotion. I’m sure Spiderman has a backstory and a throughline but it must be difficult to hold these while fearing for one’s life.

Then there is the lovely Sutton Foster.She is, of course, a triple threat. She dances, sings and ACTS! She probably even had to fart and burp in Shrek. Is there anything to hate about her? No, perhaps a bit too perfect and not as quirky as Bernadette Peters but she seems game for anything they throw her.

I would speak about Mark Rylance but he frightens me. He seems like one of those actors who enjoys being another person and playing with the audience. Reading that poem was a strange trip but then he could have been ACTING absurd! He sure fooled me.

A Normal Heart is a play that will last for centuries but The Book of Mormon, like South Park, may be the defining art of the decade. God is dead! But not ACTING!

And then there is Mr. Norbert Leo Butz to whom I must bestow the title MASTER THESPIAN.

With thinning hair and a short stature, (remember Master Thespian is incredibly tall), he does what Hugh Jackman and NPH do backwards and in high heels. The energy that man puts out is inspired and enjoyable.  It’s like watching someone wearing The Red Shoes! Hats off to him and may he ACT forever!

And now I will retire to my room, to my vocalease and tongue twisters. To sit in solemn silence in a dull dark dock,  ACTING!


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