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The ground is so far away!

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I would definitely wear this hairdo!

No, I’m not skydiving,  just walking and suddenly, I realize I’m tall.  I don’t usually look down at the ground, unless I’m depressed, wearing unsteady foot gear or climbing up something. There it was miles away. Has it always been so distant?

I was on stilts earlier today. Yikes, I had to get the idea of a broken hip and skull fracture out of my mind. I finally made it around the block but only because these were drywall stilts. My old stilts required several days of practice on grass to give me any kind of confidence.  Still today I had  moments of seizing up when my weight appeared to shift without  permission. I had to scare away the neighbor boys on their bikes because of their mosquito like qualities. They weren’t that interested anyway, they asked a few questions then began to show off their mighty swords, the boy with the longest one asserting his superiority.

I like being tall. When I’m on roller blades I look like a senior stunt woman. People are always saying “whoa look at that,” “good for you”, “was that an old lady?”That’s okay with me because usually my grey hair makes me invisible to male humans under 70. Somehow the roller blades counteract the invisibility cloaking device which comes with the hair. This is handy, since I have trouble with braking.

Being tall is a  bit like flying. My head bobs above the others in crowds and I can usually see where I’m going. I like wearing hats and shoes which give me more height. I especially like the fact that very little fits me in clothing stores. That way I can buy crazy things at thrift stores which don’t have to fit because they’re so cheap.

Also nice to know that I’m only slightly taller than Eleanor Roosevelt,  Mary Queen of Scots, Aimee Mann,  and Michelle Obama.  But can they walk on stilts? I’ll have to ask them because we’re a club. When I get in the room with another tall gal, it doesn’t take long for us to talk about something we have in common. Not all of us tall people are natural leaders. I would guess that many of us are unnatural leaders who got roles thrust upon us because we looked older and stronger, (or like myself were desperate for approval.)  I still walk so fast that the only one who can keep up with me is my neighbor who is in her 70’s and is barely five feet tall. She taught elementary school for years and outdoes me in the perkiness department.

Now I lay me down to sleep, in my bed which never will have a foot board so my toes can hang over the end a bit. I’ll dream my tall dreams where I’m never old but always in search of something – home, a workplace, a train or plane. I’m not sure what that means but I’m glad I found the ground today, no matter how far away it was.


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