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Wearing the mask or not?

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The WAAF giraffe sticks in my memory more than many mascots. I would have made a good WAAF giraffe. I had a friend who was a dinosaur for a service station in Berkeley. He would come over to practice scenes for acting class with his head in his arms, not unlike the headless horseman of Sleepy Hollow. I fear at my age this is the acting job most suited me. I like to act like a child but keep my normal height.  An animal outfit fits these characteristics quite well.

WAAF was not my favorite station.  For me it was something that filled in when we were too far west of Boston.  Boston was cutting edge music. Worcester was more like an old fish knife, kind of dangerous. They played heavy metal mostly, and served lots of beer. There was a working class feel to the concerts run by WAAF. Maybe the class issues boiled up after some boilermakers.  Boston stations were playing Jonathan Richman.  His fans smoked pot and went to college. They did not appear to be seething with resentments at that stage in their lives. I knew I was safe with that group.

Class is an odd concept in America. My father was a lawyer, but then he dies, my mother was a housemaid, but I went to college.  I am like Kate Middleton but without any taste in clothing or control of my emotions, or youth. I would  pick wearing the mascot costume over the wedding dress because it’s just more fun.  It has  not always been that way. As a teen I was offered the role of Mr. Peanut in The July 4th parade at the time of Jimmy Carter’s reign. I was mortified. I would have to been nuts to put on the costume. Too bad I didn’t fully realize I was already a bit off and embrace the opportunity.

So here is another possible opportunity, get a group of people in mental health recovery to march in the 4th of July parade. I could wear the nut costume if not too offensive. I think it would show a sense of humor. He’s less dangerous than a drunken giraffe but edgier than a pot brownie. What do you think?


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  1. My favorite mascot was the chicken that used to make a nuisance of himself at baseball games. Something about those costumes, all that anonymity almost as good as a twitter post. Surely no one is aware this is me under here.

  2. How is Mr. Peanut edgier than a pot brownie?


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