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Changes I have noticed in Alaska coincidental to global warming

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Grizzlies and Polar bears now more geographically desirable to one another

More Craigslist replies for dating and housing from young men in warm places like Nigeria

Two Super Wal-Marts  built in Anchorage last year, either for shoppers migrating North or due to a genetic mutation in Alaskans who didn’t used to need so much stuff.

Increasing number of television series workers able to bear the unbearable weather and survive the deadliest seas in order to film Alaskans who are not working at the two newly remodeled Wal-Marts.

Size of salmon has decreased, possibly causing the King salmon to be downgraded to Queen’s Consort.

Weather in the lower 48 gives me increasingly little to complain about

Our U.S. representatives, senators and governor appear slightly more moderate in their behavior when contrasted with their peers than they have been in the past. We’re slipping.


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